Thank you for visiting the Associated Environmental Consulting Group, LLC (AECG) website. AECG is an environmental consulting firm, located in Palm Bay, Florida. We perform indoor air quality (IAQ) and building science related consulting for private homeowners, businesses/offices, property managers, hospitals, and insurance companies throughout the state of Florida

Buildings and homes are dynamic. The indoor environment is constantly changing and reacting to the outdoor environment. IAQ consultants draw their knowledge from building science, which utilizes principles from many different scientific disciplines to evaluate and assess hazards or contaminants within the indoor environment. From chemistry and physics to biology and chemical toxicology, all are utilized in the assessment and analysis of the indoor environment.

:: Mold/Fungi Investigation
:: Indoor Air Quality
:: Moisture Intrusion
:: Forensics

We pride ourselves with providing our clients with the individual and professional attention they deserve. From the individual homeowner, to the multi-million dollar commercial property. Every project is individually designed and tailored to fit our clientís needs and budget.

Mold/Fungi Investigations

Fungal Growth Cause & Origin Investigations Microbial Sampling
Remediation Protocol Development Clearance Testing
Remediation Project Management HVAC
Real Estate transaction screening Disaster Response
       - Residential Properties    
       - Commercial Properties    


Allergen Sampling

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Formaldehyde
Building Related Illness (BRI) VOCís
Soot Particulate Analysis    

Moisture Intrusion Entry Point Analysis

IR Thermography

Building Envelope
Moisture Mapping Engineering


Loss Cause & Origin Determination

Independent Third Party
Litigation Support Report Review

Radiological Investigations

Residential and Commercial Transaction Testing

Material Testing
Multi-Family Screening and Remediation Project Design Radon Entry Point Analysis
FL DOH School and Assisted Living Facility Mandatory Testing    

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